Tips for working remotely in a tiny home

I seem to recall a lot of talk about tiny homes a couple of  years ago – heck, I even wrote about them in  Tiny house with great views for $40,000. has an intriguing article about Working from Home in a Tiny House/.

For those considering joining the tiny-house movement while working remotely, Stephanie Burrows, founder of the Tiny Homes of New England Meetup group, offered advice. (more…)

Property Insurance Costs Too Much? 7 Ways to Reduce It

When is the lowest-cost insurer not the lowest-cost insurer? When another company actually charges less because you bundled or installed security or did something else.

NEW YORK – The price of homeowners’ insurance is on the rise, and many owners may be looking for ways to reduce their high premiums. While discounts can vary greatly based on location, size, and age of the house, some credits may be available that could reduce some homeowners’ premiums by as much as thousands of dollars per year, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The average premium for a homeowner’s insurance policy increased 3.1% to $1,249 in 2018, the latest year for which data is available. Luxury homes tend to be much more costly to insure than standard homes since they’re larger and have more decorative features within.

Here are some ways homeowners may be able to save on their homeowners’ insurance costs: (more…)

How about a Home Classroom?

Latest ‘Blow Me Away’ Amenity for Buyers? Home Classrooms

Some parents home-schooled their kids even before the pandemic. But after the recent lockdowns, more buyers with kids see it as a golden amenity.

NEW YORK – Despite more school districts returning to in-person learning, the pandemic has many more parents appreciating the importance of organized, stand-alone learning areas for their children.

In addition to repurposing rooms in existing homes, developers and real estate agents are now marketing and staging these spaces to prospective buyers.

“The family’s priorities have changed,” says Fredrik Eklund, an agent with Douglas Elliman in New York. “People want these learning centers.”

According to, listings over $1 million that included a learning space spent a median 45 days on the market in 2021 – 12 days less than homes that didn’t mention a room for teaching. In May, 1,178 homes mentioned terms related to learning spaces, up 58% from the same period last year.

According to Eklund, some luxury listing sellers are forgoing traditional libraries, man caves and multiple offices so they can have dedicated areas for young students. Going forward, developers expect increased demand for these organized learning areas. (more…)

Lessons from Marblehead Ocean Week

As a way to celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8, Sustainable Marblehead has held Marblehead Ocean week featuring events around town throughout this past week to highlight issues affecting our waters.

Wicked Local File Photo/ Chris Stevens

Topics have included Green Technology and Green Boating; Storm Drains/Stormwater; Beach Conservation; Microplastic Awareness, and Oyster Restoration.

As the week ends residents are invited to:
– Switch from fuel to electric propulsion
– Take the Green Boating Pledge
– Adopt a storm drain
– Join a beach cleanup
– Reduce use of plastics
– Support oyster and habitat restoration

For a full description of each program and more information on Sustainable Marblehead to go (more…)

Tom Brady’s modest new yacht

Tom Brady has decided that it is time to upgrade from his current boat, a 55-footer made famous in February when the Super Bowl QB (and GOAT) launched the Lombardi trophy from the stern across the water to another yacht during the Buccaneers’ victory boat parade.

“Moving down to Tampa Bay last year, I live right on this beautiful bay — Old Hillsborough Bay — and the first thing I did when I got here was say, ‘I need a boat. I gotta be able to get out on this beautiful water.’ And I was able to do it,”

“I think the 77 will be a little bit more suited for what we need it for down here, which is a few more day trips and weekend trips,” Brady said of the upgrade.

Tom Brady; Wajer

I wonder if the new boat will have a platform as a stable base from which to throw next year’s trophy to Gronk? (more…)

Why Is The Liquor Store Called The Packie?

In North Carolina they call it the ABC store, and in Pennsylvania, it’s the “state store.” Michigan residents make runs to the “party store.” And in Massachusetts, the liquor store is known as the “packie,” short for “package store.”

If you ever asked where our slang term came from, you were probably told it’s because the Boston Brahmins wanted drinking to be discreet. So, the story goes, they used their clout to get laws passed requiring liquor to be packaged discreetly in nondescript, brown paper after it was sold.

Hence, the package store.

But food historian Robert F. Moss says that origin story came from the historical research method he calls “just making stuff up.” That story, after all, doesn’t explain why the term is also used in South Carolina, where the Brahmins had no influence over lawmakers. (more…)