Foreclosures and Short Sales for all North Shore cities and towns in 2012

Foreclosures and short sales have many variables. The process varies from State to State, while Federal attempts to halt the epidemic also influence and change underlying tendencies. With those caveats, I have put together a table that shows the number of foreclosed properties and short sales that actually closed in 2012 for SFHS and condo for each of the 17 North Shore communities.
Lynn saw the highest percentage of FC/SS sales at 34% of total sales, while for 7 of the communities the percentage was under 10%. For the North Shore overall, FC/SS made up 13% of SFH sales, 19% of condo sales, and 15% of total sales.
These numbers also show the relative sizes of the housing markets in each of the communities and the difference in make-up of the market between SFHs and condos. Salem was the only community to see more sales of condos than SFHS, while 6 of the 17 had just 0-7 condo sales.

Here are the numbers:2012_Year_End_Stats_North_Shore_FCSS