Have Home Sales slowed?

Last week I published How quickly are houses selling? which showed that 88% of sales which closed in May received offers in 15 days or fewer.
But home sales are a lagging indicator, with May reported sales reflecting contracts agreed to for the most part in March. At the onset of COVID I started tracking the number of offers accepted on a weekly basis. This showed a sharp drop from mid-March 2020 which lasted only until early May, after which the number of accepted offers took off.
With all the publicity about the sharp jump in mortgage rates, the high level of inflation, concerns about a possible recession, etc. etc. one might have accepted to see a slow down in the number of accepted offers. This chart shows the weekly numbers YTD for 2021 and 2022:

There are always drops around holidays – Easter and Passover, whose timing varies year to year, Memorial Day, etc – but this chart shows that while sales in the early months of 2022 were below the 2021 levels, sales in May were very strong.

My conclusion is that neither reported sales not accepted offers shows any evidence of a slowdown.

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