December sales in Marblehead and Swampscott still mostly above List Price

The small number of December sales in Marblehead and Swampscott continued to show strength.

6 of 9 SFH sales in December – and 1 of 3 Condo sales –  were over List price.

6 of 9 SFH sales in October were at or over List price, while 1 of the Condo sales was at List and one just below.


While sales continue to be strong – and often quite strongly above list price – it is interesting to note that 8 of the 14 SFHs currently available for sale in Marblehead have had price reductions, while 3 of the 10 in Swampscott have also seen price cuts – or “adjustments” or “improvements” as we like to call them.
Note also that in December, all 4 of the sales where the price had been reduced subsequently took place below the reduced price.
The sample is small, but the implication is clear: over-pricing in this market leads to a lower sale price.

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